Welcome Homeowners

Thank you for using Hardest Hit Fund Tennessee website. This site is dedicated to the Hardest Hit Fund. Are you having trouble paying your mortgage due to unemployment or significant under employment? You may be eligible for mortgage assistance up to $20,000 or $25,000 (based on County).  The US Treasury Federal Government has allocated funding to help qualified homeowners. The Tennessee Housing Development Agency is administering these funds through non-profit housing counseling agencies so companies like Woodbine Community Organization can bring this program to you.

What is the Program?

In 2010 the US Treasury created and allocated funding under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 to help homeowners in the Hardest Hit Housing Markets. Tennessee is one of several states to receive this funding. The Hardest Hit Fund program is designed for eligible homeowners for 5 years at 0%, non recourse, deferred payment, forgivable loans to help cover past dues, current and future monthly mortgage and any mortgage related expenses. You must meet all eligibility requirements to be considered for the program.

Am I Eligible?

  • Must be a Tennessee resident
  • Unpaid balance on home is either equal or less than $275,000.00
  • Household income is either equal or less than $92,680.00
  • Must occupy home as primary residence
  • Manufactured homes must be on a permanent foundation affixed to real estate that you own
  • Unemployment or underemployment (30% reduction of income) through no fault of your own, monthly payment including principle, interest, taxes, insurance must be greater that 31% of your current household income after job loss / reduction of income and no active bankruptcy (dismissed,discharged)
  • No more than 6 month reserves (6x monthly mortgage payment)
  • No more that 180 days delinquent
  • This is not an all-inclusive list in determining eligibility, other information and documentation will be requested to determine acceptance into the program.



Next Step

  1. Answer eligibility question apply now
  2. Set up an appointment or counseling session
  3. Bring copies of all requested documentation to appointment or counseling session document list
  4. Counselor will then walk you through the options
  5. Counselor will determine if you meet basic requirements
  6. Agency will only submit completed application
  7. Completed application is reviewed and if eligible you will sign additional documentation
  8. Then an authorized payment will be sent to your lender or servicer
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    • The lender doesn't have to take the homeowner to court to start foreclosure proceedings.
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